Around Burrator



Belstone Cleave

Bendy Rocks


Black Tor **


Ditsworthy & Drizzlecombe

Down Tor


Fox Tor Mire**

Gobbett Mine

Haytor & Hound Tor*

Hexworthy Mine


Merrivale and Foggintor


Powder Mills


St Nectan's Cleave**

SB's Garden

Stover & Chudleigh**

Topsham & Turf Locks *

Warren House Inn area


West Penwith

Michael Gove Appreciation

George Cleghorn Appreciation




There are a few requirements for joining tours.

  • Under no circumstances produce any kind of risk assessment.
  • Under no circumstances make any sort of development plan, review or any similar shite.
  • Alcohol should be consumed whenever possible.
  • In the interests of maintaining normal blood pressure foul and offensive language such as Gove, Michael, Clegg, Nick, Cameron, David and Thatcher, Margaret, should be avoided unless used in the context of ridicule.
  • Political correctness of any sort is forbidden.
  • Any old git found to be retelling a story he has already told should be allowed to do so provided at least one hour has passed between tellings. Chances are no one will remember and probably no one will be listening anyway.

I have forgotten where everything is on this site so you probably have too. The search box below should help.

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Now choose a world tour stopping point from the menu on the left. Those with their wits and their glasses about them will notice that not all have any content so far. Double asterixed tours have not yet been visited. Those with single asterixes have been visited but there are additional walks to be done.

I realise these suggestions are all archaeological in nature but there are geological alternatives that I could think of. Unless you come up with some ideas.

In case SB is offended by me ending a sentence with a preposition please read the alternative sentence below.

I realise these suggestions are mostly archaeological in nature but there are geological alternatives of which I could think

Copyright. I couldn't care less who uses my pictures as they have all been resized and the resolution reduced for web use. However where I have used other peoples images I have tried to include a link back to the copyright holder.

doom Tribute gin

An outside view of the secret planning office for the OGWT is shown below.


OGWT planning HQ inside showing essential planning aids


To contact the Webmaster click here. Your query will be dealt with dreckly unless beer is involved in which case an immediate response is assured.