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Beer Quarries

Many people believe the myth perpetrated by organic chemists that Beer is made by a complex processing called brewing. This is not true. When people ask "What did the Romans ever do for us?" the first answer should be "Beer"

The Romans found beer bearing rock near the town that now bears its name. The beer was removed from the rock by the process known as "fracking". Hence the phrase "this is a fracking good pint of beer". Fracking is the same process used to extract oil or gas from shale or slates. When dealers tried to extract and sell really poor grade liquid people would say "You're taking the fracking p***."

It is a little known fact that the process was first developed in a village just outside Exeter. The village is known as Rockbeare and the name itself seems pretty conclusive proof to me. It is such a shame that the village has clearly come under the control of a right wing faction offended by the association with what is perceived as a working man's drink and the name has been changed from Rockbeer to Rockbeare. No doubt the next step will be to rename it Rockchampagne or Rockchablis or some such thing.

Link to the Quarry Caves

An interesting but totally false account of the history can be found here.

Panoramic view inside the quarry