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Beer Quarries

It may be a moot point but how many times have you been in a pub and overheard someone say "someone who is stone deaf is not worth a candle or a light"? Well the old gits have had many discussions about this because they didn't have a clue what it meant. Luckily they went off on a leg of the world trip to Beer Quarries and everything became clear. They say travel broadens the mind and in this case it surely did.

The day was a great success. Leaving full of hope and expectation in the morning and coming home in the afternoon with crabs.

The day got off to a bad start. Having stopped for the traditional caffeine boost SB spotted a noticeboard with a misplaced apostrophe. He unsuccessfully tried to remove it and was inconsolable for a while. He had still been on a high after his success last week when he had berated the dyslexic girl who had failed to correctly write the plural of party. It was a shame because he was still recovering from the shock of learning that the world did not end at Exeter.

Beer1 We arrived at the quarries in time to join the afternoon shift and narrowly avoided a school trip. We smugly enjoyed the attempts to keep the children under control.

RH and JS inspect the roof looking for dripping beer.

Despite licking the walls at every opportunity no beer could be found and it became obvious why the mine had closed.

Beer3 The party tries to find the way out
Beer4 The exit is found just before the lights go out.
Beer7 Having enjoyed a good lunch and a pint we went to the beach where JS and RH gesticulated and threw insults at a boat.
Beer6 Stepping up the excitement they competed to see who could hit it with the most stones.
Beer8 Having successfully sunk the boat they wandered off chuckling to themselves.