The Walk

Map of the Walk


Beer Quarries

Stop and explore the quarry.

Town and cliffs

Refreshments can be had in the town which is pleasant enough in the autumn.


If exercise is needed there is a very pleasant walk along the cliffs from Beer to Branscombe.


Unless two cars are involved it is not recommended making the descent down into Branscombe because going back up again is a real killer.


Cunning Plan

An alternative plan could be give Beer Town a miss, jump in the car, and drive to Branscombe. It is a pretty little village with an acceptable pub serving edible food.


I can think of only a few other exciting highlights. At Branscombe mouth it is possible to find echinoids and other cretaceous stuff from the chalk cliffs. Peach coloured gypsum can easily be found. Sometimes if you are lucky a container ship is run ashore there and the locals indulge in their usual favourite antics of wrecking and complaining.


Up the valley there is a nice little church. Inside it is possible to find saxon chisel marks on the stone. Outside is a sundial which is not that unusual but it is remarkable because the gnomon is a buttress and the hours are chipped into the corner of the church.