Belstone Cleave

Bendy Rocks


Black Tor **

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Down Tor


Fox Tor Mire**

Gobbett Mine

Haytor & Hound Tor*

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Merrivale and Foggintor


Powder Mills

St Nectan's Cleave**

SB's Garden

Stover & Chudleigh**

Topsham & Turf Locks *


West Penwith

Michael Gove Appreciation

George Cleghorn Appreciation



Bendy Rocks.

There are three excellent trips on offer here. Trip one can be seen here.

2. Hartland Quay and Speke's Mill

The beach at Hartland Quay is one of two classic geology sites on the North Coast. Click on the picture above to see the folding.

There is a pub at the quay and there is a lovely walk south to Speke's mill following an old river bed. There views across to Lundy Island. Lunch at the pub and a quick look at the nearby church which has a superb ceiling.

See the slide show here

3. Crackington Haven and Millook

Just south of Crackington is High Cliff which is the Highest cliff in England and the highest point in Cornwall. Super views are to be had from here one of which takes in the arch called Northern Door.

Crackington cliffs are well folded and there is a pleasant walk around the cliffs to the north. A "must see" location are the classic folds at Millook Haven.

I can add no information about pubs but there must be one. Another slide show here.