Black Tor

Black Tor Walk


Black Tor and Sharpitor

Black Tor

Both of these walks are about 2 miles long and encompass beautiful scenery as well as the usual items of interest along the way. They have been put together because of the urgent need to have a reason to re-visit Princetown either to go to the Dartmoor Inn, (home of the damsel in distress) and the Plume of Feathers (home of the five onion award Liver and Bacon). Along with the Fox Tor Mire walk we now have three reasons to return. For that matter Bellever is just up the road so we have four reasons. Come on guys - what are we waiting for.


According to Google Earth there are several places to park along the road. Black Tor has a Logan Stone on top so our first challenge is to see if we can make it rock. Moving on from here we head towards Hart Tor, crossing the infant River Meavy. until we reach the double stone row and cairn circle. We double back, re-crossing the river and follow it south passing a ruined blowing house and sluices, until we find the unusual aqueduct carrying the Devonport leat. Continuing on and skirting around the bronze age settlement - if it is full of bracken - we track along the north west wall to try to find the second stone row which is hidden by the wall itself. Back to the car and back to Princetown.

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There are several car parks available but the nearest is the one at Goatstone Pool. I suspect that like all moorland pools in Devon and Cornwall Goatstone Pool is bottomless. Whilst in Australia last November I kept my eyes open for the other end of these pools but didn't see any. There is supposed to be a stone row here but I haven't seen one. Notice the depression a little to the north of the pool as this is thought to be the remains of the road across the moor in very early times

Sharpitor map

Between Sharpitor and Peek Hill there are excellent views over Burrator Reservoir. Cross the road and a quick look at the stone row and now - off to Princetown!