The Walk

Map of the Walk

Bolberry Down and Bolt Tail.


The walk from Bolt Head to Bolt Tail covers some breathtaking scenery. Not just breathtaking but cardiac arrest inducing because of the beautiful but steep sided valley at Soar Mill Cove. This excursion avoids unnecessay risks by starting elsewhere and just going to the top of the cove.

The walk begins at Bolberry Down which 200 years ago boasted a popular racecourse. This is the site of a mesolithic (bloody old) flint napping site. Those among us who couldn't give a damn about that will be pleased to know that there is absolutely nothing left of it to see - however in more recent times enough gold to make a ring was found here. We turn left and walk to Soar Mill Cove, reach the top and then return and continue to Bolt Tail. It is a long walk but worth the effort. This cunning plan means that we start by the pub ( a former golf club house) walk a bit, pass the pub again, walk some more, and end up back at the pub. This all sounds rather jolly but the pub closes in the winter months.

This is a long but quite easy walk but should only be understaken by those with a full set of legs. In case I didn't mention it there is a pub there but if it should be closed there we could drop down to Hope Cove (birthpace of CTH) and go to the Hope & Anchor Inn where a few years ago he learned the pleasures of underage drinking.