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Michael Gove Appreciation

George Cleghorn Appreciation



The George Cleghorn Appreciation Society

"Why is this man celebrating someone whose name contains the letters Cleg?" I hear you ask. Well it is because of these few lines that I have found on the Independent web site entitled

"So, what have the Scots ever done for us?"

Gin and tonic

The drink of millions worldwide, but it would not exist had it not been for Edinburgh-born George Cleghorn, an 18th-century doctor who discovered that quinine could cure malaria. The quinine was drunk in tonic water, but it was so bitter that gin was added to make it more palatable.

I have always said that if I could have been famous for something it would have been for inventing the Gin and Tonic. Now I know who my hero is. Nice one George!


Further on in the article there is a reference to Golf which has tempted me to join the King James II Appreciation Society.


Scotland is the birthplace of golf – with the first written record in 1457, when James II banned it as an unwelcome distraction from learning archery. Since then, it's given us plus fours, Pringle jumpers and Tiger Woods's colourful private life. The Old Course at St Andrews dates to the 16th century.