Around Burrator



Belstone Cleave

Bendy Rocks


Black Tor **


Ditsworthy & Drizzlecombe

Down Tor


Fox Tor Mire**

Gobbett Mine

Haytor & Hound Tor*

Hexworthy Mine


Merrivale and Foggintor


Powder Mills

St Nectan's Cleave**

SB's Garden

Stover & Chudleigh**

Topsham & Turf Locks *


West Penwith

Michael Gove Appreciation

George Cleghorn Appreciation



Ditsworthy and Drizzlecombe

Driving eastwards across Burrator Dam you will come to Sheepstor village. Go straight through and then pass Collyton. Soon the road goes over a cattle grid and swings southwards and uphill. Here there is a left turning signposted to Nattor. It has a "No Through Road Sign" but follow it for 3/4 of a mile until you reach a ford and a car park.

Disembark and find the track going south around the base of Gutter Tor. Ten to Fifteen minutes of walking brings you to Ditsworthy Warren Farm House. Legendary Dartmoor has a good page about it. Remember what John Bishops house looks like so enjoy it while you can.

North east from here takes you to the three stone rows and the Giant's basin. At the NE termination there is a settlement and on top of the hill to the north west is another one.

Heading north from here you will arrive at a fine example of a cist. Going further on the same line brings you to the mine track and the bottom smelting house of Eylesbarrow farm. From here you can turn right and explore the mine buildings or turn left and wander downhill back to the car.