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The first time I explored the Bronze Age villages at Lowton and Assycombe I was armed with a compass and an OS map. Nevertheless at one point I became hopelessly lost and failed totally to find the stone row. I was embarrassed to tell the tale to the other Old Gits but RH admitted that he with a group of friends had also become lost there. I swear I had become pixie led. I would recommend taking a copy of this annotated map because the sites have marker posts so at least you will always know where you are.

This guide includes all the remains I could find. To be honest, many might think that only two are worth seeing. Hut 1B and the Stone Row 7C. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself. My view is that if you can mentally strip away the trees and vegetation then drain the reservoir you can begin to let your imagination work on the two villages either side of the hill. I was born and brought up in a similar situation and I well remember the rivalry bordering on hatred at times. I am sure they raided each other before bonfire night to spoil each others work just as we did. I can imagine the cricket and rugby matches on the top of the hill. Oh yes. I am sure it was fun.

Butler says that there are 11 huts in the Lowton West settlement but I managed to find 12.

The Assycombe stone row is well worth visiting. It is in a beautiful setting and is peaceful and atmospheric. I had my lunch in the hut circle at the bottom of the hill. I was entertained by the music of the bird song and had only the occasional horsefly for company who were clearly trying to get their revenge because I had just scared away a group of deer.

Printable guide - updated version coming soon


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