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Fernworthy Forest and Reservoir is big area and for the benefit of Old Gits who need to pace themselves it has been split into three trips. Click on the map for a full size image.

The Fernworthy page on the Forestry web site says "Bring your old wire coat hangers when you visit Fernworthy - some of the prehistoric settlements are known to be a good place to try dowsing although success is not guaranteed!" Years ago a popular use of wire coat hangers was as car aerials and I was pleased to see one recently. The thing about the aerials is that they did actually work but I am not so sure about dowsing. However I am confident our Totnes correspondent will behappy to try this out.

Dartmoor is covered in archaeological sites but three in particular stand out. Fernworthy, Bellever, and Merrivale. Sadly the first two have suffered wanton destruction by forestation in modern times. Whilst we may have mixed feelings about the Dartmoor Exploration Committee in the late 19th century at least their motives were good. It could be worse I suppose. With the disregard shown by those in charge in allowing forestation and military training we might have seen bombing practice as well.

The reference book of choice for the archaeology is Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities, Jeremy Butler, Vol Two - The North