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Fernworthy Circular Tour.

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It is hard to believe but sometimes this web site draws the attention of people wishing to nit pick. It should therefore be pointed out that the tour is not circular but irregular in shape. It is about 3.5 miles long but seems about 10 miles if done in a full on gale. This follows the outline of the water and takes in several archaeological sites - the tour, not the gale. Click here to read about our adventure.

SB is a fine teacher and world class pedant but a totally crap weather forecaster. That is why we found ourselves at Whiddon Down preparing for a walk in a howling gale. A full complement had assembled with MP doing the vital backup work at Okehampton College.

Being pressed for time we did not have our usual caffeine boost and everyone kept anxious eyes on JS to see how he would manage. CTH was forced to check his car twice to ensure that the door was locked and his keys were with him. We wouldn't want anyone to think we were forgiving mamby pambies. Any slight error is kept in memory and used for the purposes of ridicule at every opportunity.

Off we went in convoy and re-convened at Fernworthy reservoir.


We were entertained by the Old Gits Canine division who showed off their circus skills. Ben did his trick of making a bacon bap vanish in a nanosecond and Cooperdog did his amazing tree climbing routine.


The map below shows the positions of the hut circles at Metherall. It is after Butler who is a great authority on Dartmoor antiquities. I have added a footpath and with fingers crossed have moved the position of hut 2. Please don't tell him that I think he is wrong.


With the wind now reaching what seemed like hurrican force we stopped and looked at hut 2. We waited to see if anyone would utter the words we wanted to hear."Lets go to the pub instead". Nobody said it so off we went.

With the light making photography difficult and the constant need to dry the camera I gave up at this point. The picture below - taken on a summer day - shows why the huts were abandoned. They all suffered from a serious damp problem.

For medicinal purposes only we went to the Sandy Park to dry out in front of the log fire and to replace used energy with high calorific alcohol and a very tasty lunch.


This burial chamber known as the Thornworthy Tor Cist is located very close to the north edge of the reservoir.

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