Assycombe & Lowton

Circular Walk

Froggymead & Grey Wethers

The Grey Wethers Excursion

Whilst having a sip of refreshments at the car park a car came along - stopped momentarily - the driver looked at the barrier and drove off again. This provoked much sneering and sniggering from us about people expecting to drive all over the moor.

Off we went up the hill to our first stop - the ceremonial centre at Froggymead. This is a lovely atmospheric spot with much to see and some things that need the eye of faith to see.

It is a pity that the the circle is littered with letters to the unfortunate man who died near there a few years ago. It surprises me that these "insightful" new age souls are blind to the ugliness they leave at so many precious sites with their rags and coins and random offerings. Not to mention the damage they cause with fires at sensitive sites. Nice article on the subject here

By accident and not by requirement, the Old Gits are science trained and dislike anomalies or unexplained phenomena. All biologists know that those born in Totnes have the "slightly weird" gene. Thus it came to pass that SB brought along his dowsing rods. We all tried them out on stone row 1D and in other places later. To our absolute disgust each of us got 100% positive results in the same places.

Take a look at this short video clip and note the look on RH's face at the end.

1d 2d
The beginning of Row 1D
The Cairn 2D is just discernible middle left
Circle 3D
4d 5d
Cairn 4D - just visible
Row 5D is hard to spot - 6D has a Cist making it easier
6D 7d
The cist at 6D
Well defined mound at 7D
8D 9d
Double Row at 8D
Cairn 9D