Fox Tor Mire

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Fox Tor Mire.


If an escaping prisoner from nearby Dartmoor prison had chosen to come this way on a dark and misty night he would have turned around and run back to captivity. It has an overbearing feeling of remoteness and if I came from somewhere such as Totnes or some other hippy town I would swear it had a supernatural presence. Read this page from "Legendary Dartmoor"

Small wonder that Arthur Conan Doyle was caught up in the atmosphere of the place when he wrote "The Hound of the Baskervilles". SB has written a scholarly paper on HoB locations and is recommended reading before we go there. If you really get into it you can read this booklet on line or download it as a pdf file. Here is another interesting account that I found by accident. I mention that in case anyone notices it is a Daily Telegraph article and accuses me of being a regular reader. And yet one more.

I have done my own research which is not scholarly but based on my dislike of Holmes who in my view was an arrogant bully, and my reservations about Arthur Conan Doyle who was a well dodgy bloke if I might be permitted to use the vernacular. Anyone who has the initials ACDC (the "C" has been added to suit my argument) has to be treated with the highest suspicion. It should be remembered that he was interested in fairies (nudge nudge) and obsessed with little girls.

Furthermore he had a close relationship with a friend whose initials were BFR (which everyone knows stands for Big Friendly Rabbit). Now all of this reminds me of a story I once heard about a fox who had a pet rabbit called Werrity which went everywhere with him and it all ended in tears. It is a well known fact that Doyle murdered his friend purely and simply because he had stolen the plot of HoB from him and had an affair with his wife. The church covered the whole thing up because Mrs Doyle was the housekeeper for three priests on Craggy Island and they didn't want to bring shame on themselves. Read about it here.