Fox Tor Mire

The Walk

Map of the Walk

Fox Tor Mire. Work in progress

A good illustrated article of a similar walk can be seen here. This chap crossed the bog though and if we wish to become older gits we may not want to try that.

Devonport Leat.

Drake showed his entrepreneurial skills by building this leat. He hoped to sail the Golden Hind up it but had to stop because it made the Nuns cross (see below). The final obstacle was him dying of dysentery.

Actually Drake's leat was somewhere south of this. The story about it's building shows that not only was he a world class pirate but also an accomplished con merchant and crook. Just what we wnt for a National hero. Read about it here


Devonport Leat was built in the 1790's and starts off near Wistman's Wood. You can see some illustrations here and for those of us of a certain age who are concerned with the passing of water this is worth reading,

I like the story of the leat supplying water to Dartmoor Prison passing below the channel taking sewage away. Not so much a case of getting your own back on prisoners but prisoners getting their own back.


Whiteworks Mine

This is a fascinating area of dereliction set against a backdrop of isolation. It is a desolate but compelling place.

There are mine buildings, shafts and tracks to explore and the Devonport leat passes by majestically just up the hill.

Fox Tor Mire

I have already written about this and now I'm getting bored.


Nun's Cross

Nun's Cross is not the cross near to the farm but marks the spot where these ladies meted out punishment to naughty priests.

Whether it was actually punishment for mistakes or rewards for good work is not clear as the priests seldom admitted to the good spanking they had received.

Nun's Cross Farm

In the traditional way that we often treat our antiquities the original building has been allowed to vanish without trace.

Happily it has been replaced with this building which probably looked derelict the moment it was built.

However it is very much in keeping with the desolate feel of this area.

Devonport Leat goes underground here.

Goldsmith's Cross

This was re-discovered in 1903 by a Lt Goldsmith. Saint William Crossing was really annoyed because he had just published a book of all Dartmoor antiquities.

He had to accept its authenticity when Goldsmith took a party of men from his warship and re-erected the cross.

When thwarted in my ambitions I have often felt the lack of a gunboat and 300 men held me back.

Childe's Tomb

There is a good gory tale attached to this which is best read here and here

There is much potential for sniping at hunting and conservative temporary housing but they are a bit too easy. However I might return at a later date.

Gold Box Cist

There are several cists in this immediate area but this one near Goldsmith's cross is the best preserved and probably best known. The story is that a gold box was found inside it - hence the name.

The Girt, Fox Tor Mine, Mount Misery Cross and Fox Tor Farm.

There are these places to rummage around - all in a ruinous state - but then who are we to point the finger.