The Walk

Map of the Walk

Hound Tor Update

Haytor Area.


This is a veritable smogasborg of offerings with many tasty treats to be nibbled at. Some are long and some lasting about an hour so maybe we could do two at a time or whatever.

  1. The walks include following the amazing granite tramway to the amazing beehive hut. There could be an amazing diversion to Smallcombe Rocks with its amazing group of hut circles and truly amazing view over the Becka Brook Valley. Sorry about all the amazings but I have been watching an advert for Virgin TV which says it offers amazing tv you can't miss. In truth it is loud crap with no worthwhile content and fit only for shouty drunk 18 - 30 year olds with short attention spans and is tv that you definitely should miss. Long walk. Walk Pictures
  2. From Hound Tor there is the medieval village and cairn circle. Long walk - done. Walk Pictures
  3. From other nearby attractions you might want to pick Bowerman's nose (or maybe not). Walk Pictures
    and then Jay's Grave and the giant chair (if it is still there). Short - done. Walk Pictures
  4. Ten Commandments Stone at Buckland Beacon is a good walk with great views at the end. Seven Lords Land and Emsworthy Farm. - done. Walk Pictures
  5. Grimspound is included in a round trip including Challacombe Village, Soussons Circle and Warren House Inn. Full day. Walk Pictures