The Walk

Map of the Walk

Hound Tor Update

Route one - Haytor and Smallacombe

The Tramway



The Granite Tramway was built entirely out of granite including the rolling stock and the horses. It was built single handed by a rich man called Simon Templar back in the 60s who used to drive flashy cars and solved crimes often with the help of attractive women. Some people think he is a saint.

No one knows what the tramway was for although it is possible it was just as an exciting way to whiz downhill to Stover.

The tramway ends at the quarries where all the granite came from to build the tramway.


At the Quarry there is a mysterious building known as the beehive hut. No one knows what it is for but some think it was a waiting room for those wishing to travel on the tramway. It seems to me though that its name gives it away and it was built for storing the beehives. Bees were very active on the moor due to the lovely heather.



At Smallacombe rocks there is a small prehistoric settlement and a stunning view towards Hound Tor and Greator.


Haytor Quarry

Haytor Quarry


Route Two - Bowerman's Nose


Bowerman's Nose is a statue carved by Peter Randall-Page. Funds are being raised so the rest of the face can be finished after which happy event it will look like Mount Rushmore. Contributions may be sent to the Old Gits World Tour at Taw River Pub.

Bowerman's Nose

Jay's grave Giant's Chair

Jay's Grave

Jay was a famous food writer who was caught eating his main course with the wrong knife and fork. For his sin he was buried at a crossroads in unconsecrated ground.

His ghost may be seen flitting across the screen on the Friday version of "The One Show"

The Giant's Chair

Caused a giant row because it was erected without planning permission and allegedly is an eye sore out of keeping with the rest of the National Park. Besides which the land has been promised for a branch of Tescos with a multi storey car park.


Route Three - Hound Tor


Start at the car park - Hound of the Basket Meals

Hound Hound Tor
This is the food outlet that inspired Conan Doyle to write his famous book. In the book the bus relentlessly tracks down customers and makes them eat bacon rolls. This tor was specially built for the Doctor Who episode "The Sontarian Experiment" starring Tom Baker.. Thousands of locals helped build it but some died of exhaustion.
HoundCist Village
To avoid spoiling the look of the nice local churches deceased workers were buried where they fell. Workers lived in the nearby labour camps, the remains of which can still be seen.


Route Four - Ten Commandments Stone.


Seven Lords land was apparently where the lands of seven lords all met together. They met there to discuss there plans for a world tour similar to ours. However they upstaged us a bit by burying a dead person there. We have no dead people under the floorboards as far as we know.

Seven Lords

Emsworthy Farm is remarkable for its lanes and fields painstakingly created by dry stone walling. Look on the general map


The Ten Commandments Stone is the actual place where Moses was given the commandments. I believe he sold them for a few beans and these grew into a giant beanstalk which he used to climb down to the valley below. God was so pleased he created a beautiful view over Buckland Vale. I may have mis-remembered the exact details or mixed up a couple of books but it was something like that.

Commandments Buckland


Route Five - Grimspound


Grimspound was an early experimental building estate built by Wimpeys before they became a fast food chain. Despite its beautiful location it was unpopular because people kept being eaten by marauding dogs. By relaxing planning laws the government intend to reclassify old sites like this as "brownfield" and plan to build a nice new town here.


Challacombe is another disgraceful old ruined village that will be levelled and concreted over under the new plans.


Soussons Cist and circle. A pretty little monument in a peaceful setting. (Until the nearby village of Challacombe is re-developed)


Warren House Inn. At Last. Beer.