The Walk

Map of the Walk

Hound Tor Update

Hound Tor Mediæval Village.

Having been called to account for allowing "traveling" to slip through instead of "travelling" I hope our resident pedant will notice my clever use of the ligature in the page title. In fact I feel so pleased that I have found out how to do that in html that at every opportunity I am going to try to include words such as encyclopædia, fœtus amœba and so on.

The gathering convened at Whiddon Down where a quick register was taken. Those present (in no particular order of merit) were RH, Cooper, SB, JS, Ben, and CTH. As there were six in the raiding party we decided to take two assault vehicles. We sped off towards Moretonbedstead which is famous for having a very long name. The objective was to stop there for our usual coffee kick start.

RH, Ben and CTH pulled into the car park and looked at the metal bars in the wall which apparently were used to secure French prisoners of war while they were fed and watered en route to Princetown. It was obviously a quiet day as there was nothing much to see while we were there. We wondered where the others were as they had left before us. Then it clicked that they would be at the other car park.

When we met up the fun began. JS decided he would pay for his parking ticket twice. In the time he had bought his first ticket and walked 10 yards to his car the ticket had become completly invisible and could not be found. It was not the only time that day that the Dartmoor fairies would make their presence known. CTH then realised he had left his keys in the ignition in his car at Whiddon Down and furthermore had left the door open for any passing thieves. Some debate took place as to whether we should go back or not but in the end we did. There was the car - door open - but untouched. The benefit of having an old decrepit car is the same as having an old decrepit partner. No one is likely to run off with them.

Jay's Grave

The first stop was Jay's grave and to our great shock - for the first time ever - there were no flowers on the grave. JS was incensed and thought it showed a poor degeneration in standards by the fairies. CTH thought it was due to Government policy and cutbacks.

However it was nice to see that the new age nutcases had adopted the site and were leaving coins as offerings. There were several pounds to be seen and it was good to imagine some non-new age chancer coming along and converting it into a liquid offering at the nearest pub.

For those of you who had the foresight to keep the red/cyan glasses that came with a cornflake packet when you were 8, here is a 3d picture of Jay's grave.


Hound Tor Cist and retaining ring

After some discussion about the cist SB looked around and decided to take offence at the random nature of the surrounding tors. CTH tried to explain it was simply due to the general gloopy constituency of the molton granite and the conditions of the sedimentary country rock into which it had been emplaced. However SB was having none of it.


JS used the splendid word "batholith" and Cooper was so pleased with him he jumped up into his arms.


Mediæval Village

At the Mediæval Village SB was overjoyed to find the Mediæval Public Toilet.


No matter how hard he searched, SB could find no signposts to criticise.


Cooper and JS re-enact a scene from the "Hound of the Baskervilles".


The sun came out as the gits enjoyed a little al fresco tincture kindly supplied by RH.


The village died out because of the lack of a village shop, post office and bus service. Despite that the location and possibility of converting attached barns into garages it could become viable again.

Panic began to creep in when the gits realised how late it had become and they scampered off as fast as their zimmer frames would allow to the "Ring of Bells" at North Bovey who supplied some jolly good beer and Sausage Mash and Onion Gravy.

The late lunch slowed us down somewhat and rather than go back to our original plan we took a leisurely stroll around the grounds surrounding Whiddon Park House. Legend has it that there's a secret passage from Whiddon Park House, to The Three Crowns Hotel in Chagford. That sort of shortcut would make it worth millions.