Time Team Transcript

The Walk

A Wednesday Trip.

This menu for trip includes a visit to Mardon Down, Kelly Mine, Blackingstone Rock, and three small reservoirs. As with all menus you can pick what you want and disregard the rest.


Map of Moretonhampstead, Mardon and Blackingstone Rock- click to enlarge

The trip needs to take place on a Wednesday because that is the only day Kelly Mine is open to the public. I think also that we may need to book in advance.

We could start at our favourite coffee house in Moretonbedstead. From there we could go to nearby Mardon Down to look for the various archaeological remains. I believe it is a good viewpoint.

A mile away is Blackingstone Rock. An impressive lump of granite where someone has kindly installed an iron ladder for visitors to climb to the top. Again, an spectacular viewpoint but don't go too near the edge. I think I remember there are rock basins on the top. What is the difference between a tor and a rock I hear you ask. Well if you hit a rock with a hammer it will say Blackingstone all the way through. Nearby is Blackingstone Quarry which is noted for the xenoliths in the granite. Unfortunately it is also noted for having signs such as "trespassers will be shot"

Blackingstone Rock

Blackingstone Rock

Taking the road South East from Blackingstone Rock brings one to the three reservoirs of Tottiford, Trenchfoot, and Kennick. Don't drink the water in Trenchfoot Reservoir. Tottiford is famous for the recent discovery of a henge monument when the reservoir had been drained. There was a Time Team programme about it and you can read about it here and here. CTH has a copy of the programme if anyone is vaguely interested.


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Kelly Mine is situated between Trenchfoot and Lustleigh on the main road. Take a look at its website here Kelly Mine Mine

Nearby is Lustleigh which has a pub. Nuff said.