Time Team Transcript

The Walk

Mardon Down, Blackingstone Rock, and Lustleigh

Meeting as usual at Whiddon Down we stopped at Moretonbedstead for coffee and teacakes. The teacakes are made locally and the the coffee with top-ups is a special favourite with Mr S.

First stop was to walk along the ridge of Mardon Down to see various cairns and to walk through the largest diameter stone circle on Dartmoor. The day was damp, dull, and dreary but the sparkling wit and conversation made up for that.

Much of the surrounding landscape was swallowed up in mist and the casual observer might have thought they had stumbled upon a scene from a Tolkien film.

Next we went on to Blackingstone Rock. The Old Gits were amazed that such a large lump of granite could have gone un-noticed by them for so many years.

Cooper has a special extendable wheel base that enables him to climb at a phenomenal speed. Looking down he couldn't believe how long the humans took to climb.

Cassie's six inch legs struggled with the nine inch risers of the steps and needed to be rescued after a few metres.

After the climb things went a little awry. JS with Sherpa Cooper decided to descend via the North Face and slipped away unnoticed. Back at base camp we began to worry until we spotted them returning with what - at first glance - appeared to be the landlady of a pub we recently visited. When he reached us we realised our mistake. He did indeed have a serpent with him but it was only an adder (or a nadder if you prefer) and therefore very much more pleasant and less venomous.

That old charmer RH who is afraid of no beast or cactus poked it about to affirm its identity.

Having lost JS once we were about to do it again. The intention was to go off to the pub at Lustleigh in convoy following a route prepared prepared by CTH (he of Down Tor Stone Row navigation fame). Within a mile we were lost and worst still we had lost JS. After much trial and error we found ourselves in Lustleigh.

While waiting for JS we wandered around the village and were pleased to find what must surely have once been the home of William Blake of Jerusalem fame. The picture is included here for the benefit of our resident pedant who sadly could not be with us.

We had a very good meal at the local pub which was friendly and welcoming. The meal is awaiting rating and the only complaint is that we were a little cramped.