Merrivale and Foggintor

The Walk

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Merrivale and Foggintor

Using all the weather predicting skills he had picked up from SB, CTH suggested this jolly jaunt on what seemed to be the best day of the week. As a result the full team (minus or main sponsor - MP) convened at Whiddon Down in thick, damp, drizzle.

First stop was the caffeine re-fuel at Moretonbedstead. "The Gateway Tearoom" is the first cafe to be given the Old Gits 5 star award for quality of refreshments, pleasant ambience and friendly service. We have requested a rail outside to tether our zimmer frames and then it will be perfect. JS was feeling that the effects of the full English breakfast he had enjoyed an hour ago were beginning to fade and the worry of where we were to get our next meal forced him to order a toasted teacake. Then CTH got excited and copied him.

Fired up we roared into life and raced across the moor as fast as the 40mph limit would allow. We reconvened at the Four Winds car park near the Merrivale prehistoric settlement and wandered among the 3500 year old hut circles.

Finding the site of the local garage we looked at the abandoned wheel of a Flintstone mk I and wondered how long it would take to knock up three more to do a reconstruction job.


Ben Walking through these ancient homes near the even older ceremonial site we had the spookiest feeling that we were being watched
The boys criticise the shoddy workmanship of the old builders and reckon they should get the council in to straighten the line. Line
At the sight of anything perpendicular, Cooper (the Chris Bonnington of the dog world) bravely tries to climb to the top.
Under the pretence of looking for hotspots several had an inexplicable urge to fondle this monstrous phallic object. For further explanation look up "Totnes" in Wikipedia
Having found suitable premises RH opened his mobile bar and dispensed a welcome warming tincture. Bob
Rounding Sweltor Quarry we came across this curious square cut working. CTH reckoned it was exploiting an intrusive dyke. To everyones credit no non-pc remarks were made. But then we have a rule that there is no such thing as pc on our outings so we wouldn't have noticed.

With the weather turning a little unpleasant again we made our way back to Four Winds car park and then on to Princetown.

As it was getting on for 2.30 we were concerned that we not get food. We went to the Plume of Feathers and were delighted to get a cheerful welcome and reassurance that we had until 9 that evening to order food. Two of the Westcounties finest beers, Jail Ale and Tribute were on offer and these were enjoyed with plates of what was unanimously agreed to be the best pub Liver and Bacon we had ever had - and very generous portions.

Service was quick and the lovely lady who brought out the food had a few little treats for the dogs. There was even a special menu for the dogs. All this and a warm log fire was just what was needed after a damp tramp on the moors. Not that we had seen any damp tramps though.

Already we knew that this was another 5 star experience for all the reasons mentioned at the top of the page and we started thinking up reasons why we needed to come back here as soon as possible.

All that was left to do was to go to the brewery to buy a box of Jail Ale and as it was now 4 o'clock to think uo excuses for our carers on why we would not be hungry at tea time.

Cracking day!