The Walk

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A Day in Plymouth

It would be insulting to the Gods of alcohol if we did not visit the shrine of gin making on the Barbican. Remember that if happy the gods make all women around you look beautiful but if angry bang the insides of your head when you wake up in the morning. SB and I have old family connections to the barbican and I like the thought that my maternal Great Grandfather who died in the early 1900's would have been familiar with the Plymouth Gin building. A little too familiar to that and the numerous local pubs according to family history. He was a fisherman and was known as Conger Dick. I think I know why but sadly I follow my father's side of the family.
If refreshments are taken on the Barbican a Captain Jasper's baguette is a substantial and tasty snack worth considering. The picture shows some unknown bald northern git.
After the success of our overseas attack on the Turf Locks we could call upon our marine section and catch a ferry to Kingsand and Cawsand for a really exciting lunch and drink. .
The ferry passes Drake's Island which once was open for day trips. In 1995 it was sold to the Chairman of Plymouth Argyle who has done much the same with it as he did to the football club - allow it to go to rack and ruin. The difference is that the island is a piece of prime real estate increasing in value and Plymouth Argyle is at the bottom of the league.
There is a lot to amuse boys on a trip to the dockyard but they are fussy about who may go. Have a look to see if you qualify by clicking here and reading item 6. Years ago tours showed the gallows and the death penalty for arson in HM dockyards was only abolished in 1971. You could stand and look at the gallows and dream back to those halcyon days when capital punishment was allowed - if not compulsory - in schools. That really enlivened whole school assemblies.
The Elizabethan House and the Merchant's house are two very old buildings preserved as museums. However as the government is anxious to provide more affordable housing there are plans afoot to gut them and turn them into luxury flats for the entrepreneurial types working in the city. I may have dreamed the last bit.

Plymouth Aquarium is a famous research establishment but if you have been there once that will probably do for a lifetime.

Smeaton's Tower is a popular place to go to look down on people. Another place to do that is the Conservative club just a five minute walk away.