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This outing encompassed all that is fine and good about the Old Gits World Tour. An early start was called for and the team began their preparations in their respective homes. PR was about to leave home when he realised he had left behind his boots. This was nothing compared to an exceptional display of absentmindednes from CTH.

Calling at the cash point on his way he had got back to his car before realising that he had not picked up his money. Rushing back he was relieved to see it was still there poking out of the machine. Arriving at the rendezvous he realised he had left his boots behind. Not to worry, he had wellies in the boot of his car. We all piled into Ben's car bound for Moretonbedstead where we were to meet JS - leaving the wellies safely behind.

We were shocked to find that our usual coffee shop was not open but found another. We tried to phone JS but were told by a helpful teenager that we had to go to the town car park if we wanted to use a mobile.

Cassie in was in charge of weather and clearly had picked up tips from the absent SB because it was raining.

The original Lych Way across the bog was closed due to extreme bogginess so we walked nearly half a mile up to the new path. That too was closed due to bogginess. We didn't get to where we are today by being put off by a bit of bogginess so we ignored the sign and strode off purposefully.

In no time at all CTH was up to his shins and mud but felt better when JS rescued a sign indicating that things could yet get worse.

If the mud reached the belly of a horse what would happen to poor old Cassie. We all made sure we were wearing our hats just in case we were consumed by the bog and continued but we were haunted by visions like the one below.


It did occur to us that if we were to be wading waist deep in mud we might need to invest in equipment like the device shown below. Whatever will they think of next?

Our route took as past a herd of cows who seemed harmless but kept bellowing and one in particular kept staring at us in a rude way.

We had a visual sighting of our target all the way along so navigation was not a problem.

The remaining buildings were very impressive consisting of thick walls made of massive granite blocks. Some of them still had streaks of tar from the flimsy roofs.


A phallic object and a chimney

An impressive flue from the furnace up to the chimney

We failed to find the mortar which was not surprising because it wasn't there. It now stands in front of the cottages near the main road.


Having finished our exploration and hearing the beer fairies calling we looked across the bog to where the cars were. RH was convinced that the route through must still be there and marched us straight across. Two things. When I say above that navigation was not a problem I may not have been correct and maybe sometimes it is a good idea to believe what signs tell you.

Having marched briskly across the flat area we began to slow as things got mushy. Then we pulled up sharp as things got seriously boggy. Plan B was hastily agreed and put into action.

Old gits in retreat

As we reached the cars the sun came out. A comforting pint of beer and all was well with the world. Muddy and wet we might have been but it was still a thousand times better than doing what poor old MP has to do to keep us in the manner in which we want to be kept. Thank you MP.