September 4, 2013

Cake and Other things


Rambles List

Old Gits are supposed to be proud of their offspring - it is part of the job description. Their achievements are something we take collective pride in. However we happen to think that our particular bunch are especially good.

One daughter started university last year and her sister danced in a production staged by a National Company. Another daughter started what has proved to be a succesful play centre for young children and others are doing noteworthy things.

Mind you the gits themselves can also be considered movers and shakers. RH is the leading European expert on paragliding and cactus teasing. A bottle of TCP and a pair of tweezers and he is ready for an adventure any time.

However the latest adventure by an Old Git is truly remakable. He and his carer, with two friends, have cycled from Land's End to John o' Groats taking 18 days and cycling in excess of 80 miles per day. hIs carer had an accident on the way and completed most of the journey with her leg in a sling.

So delighted were we that at a special meeting convened to drink and talk drivel it was agreed that JS should be awarded the Grand Order of the Cake. Unfortunately our overseas correspondent has the pictures of the event so it cannot be seen here until he returns.

Henceforth JS is entitled to put after his name - OG (Cake)