September 4, 2013

Burrator, Birch Tor etc.


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Ramble September 2013

First I nipped down to Burrator reservoir which is always a favourite of mine with the lovely light among the trees. On the way I drove up Holming Beam and saw this interesting piece of granite in the wall. It is hard to see them all but there are 14 cups. Legendary Dartmoor has a page devoted to it



At Burrator I saw five granite troughs lined up with an apple crusher. Even more exciting was the discovery of a stone age boat cut out of granite. They are rare because they were not very successful.

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On the way back I stopped at the car park below Sharpitor to try again to find the stone row near the pool. I was unlucky again but my stop was not wasted. I heard an American lady ask a man if this was indeed a Tor. He said that he thought it was and then went on helpfully to tell her that there are Ten Tors on Dartmoor and every year young people race around them and helicopters come and take them off.

I was reluctant to leave in case I missed another gem of information but it was nice to see a site that is sacred to Dartmoor Beer Makers. It is from nearby Leather Tor that a picture of Burrator was taken and which now adorns the mats on bars wherever Jail Ale is lovingly consumed.

On reaching Princetown I beheld a happy sight. You may remember that The Plume at Princetown lost its coveted 5 onion rating when it stopped selling Jail Ale. It was demoted to 4 Onions and 5 shallots which was still pretty damn good. However just look at this picture -


Jail Ale is back in what should be its natural home and the pub has its full five Onions back. Hurrah!! Sorry if I sounded a bit emotional there.

On seeing how low the water level was at Burrator I decided to squeeze in a quick look at Fernworthy to see if the hut circle where visible and to my joy they were