September 4, 2013

West Pentire


Rambles List

The strength of my dislike of the news programme "Spotlight" is matched only by the strength of my compulsion to watch it. However, back in July there was an item which fed into one of my obsessions and for that I suppose I should be thankful.

The item was about the display of poppies on National Trust land at West Pentire. The intense lure of these little beauties meant that plans to visit were laid before the end of the programme. The first few pictures below are from that trip.

We walked around the coast to Polly Joke and paddled in the crystal clear water.

By the time we headed back to the car another cunning plan had begun to germinate. I knew of a special cave in Holywell Bay just around the corner. So next weekend with our tent in the car we were off for another adventure.

Holywell Bay
Beach Patrol
Entrance to the special cave
The colourful Holy well
Speleothems. A limestone feature but there is no known limestone in the area.
Holywell Bay snail stunt team.
Another impressive cave
Stunning sand dunes at the entrance to the beach.