St Nectan's Cleave

The Walk

Map of the Walk

St Nectan's Glen and Rocky Valley


A 45 minute walk each way to the waterfall - 1.8 miles

and then a 45 minute each way walk to the sea through Rocky Valley. 1 mile

The walk starts by St Nectan's Well and the peaceful chapel just opposite.

Well Chapel
Following the brook upstream leads to the waterfall where, out of sight from the waterfall, is a nice little cafe selling good coffee. There is a small charge to go down to the waterfall. It is a small but pretty cascade but, depending on your point of view, it has been adopted by new age nutters and defaced with clouties and coins and candles and other shite. Despite these lunatic attentions it is a peaceful and spiritual place and might even do things to divining rods.
stream waterfall
The second part of the walk is on the the other side of the road. Follow the track down to the old mill. There are two rock carvings. These also have been adopted as a sacred site by the nutters and in their quaint way of dealing with sensitive sites have started to deface these as well. These have been described as bronze age but there is an argument for them being very much younger. See here
Mill Labyrinth
Follow the path on through the gorge to the sea.

Other attractive places nearby are Bossiney. Boscastle and Tintagel, but the walks described might constitute a full day.