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Stover and The Rock

I fully understand how a place called "The Rock" might induce a sinking feeling in some people but this is a small garden centre with a fascinating area to explore behind it. There is a lovely mature garden area to wander around in a disused limestone quarry. There is also a small cave to explore and some rocks to climb. What more could boys want. There is also a little cafe which should satisfy the caffeine requirements. This will take approximately 1 1/2 hours

It is closed over the winter but spring would be a good time to go. I have a few pictures - shown below but they have a good website. Click here

Nearby is the site of the former Bishop of Exeter's Palace but there is nothing to see now.

Rocks1 Rocks2
Rocks3 Rocks4

Further down the road and dangerously near to Trago is Stover Country Park. There is a very pretty walk through the woods and around the lake. Our resident ornithologist will be in heaven. A walk around the lake will take about an hour or so. There is another walk of about 4 miles. The Devon county guide can be seen here along with a brief account of the Templar family.

For a printable copy click here.

Stover1 Stover2
Stover3 Stover4

For lunch the Star Inn at Ilsington does reasonable food and if time and mood calls for another walk we are only about 15 minutes from the short trips at Haytor.