Topsham & Turf Locks

The Walk

Map of the Walk



The tour is the brainchild of JS who once had experience of taking a group of Vikings on a similar diversionary tour to Topsham. With the Turf Locks within shouting distance across the river it would be an act of rudeness not to pay a visit. In the absence of our usual carers he will act as supervisor because of his vast experience in dealing with groups of disaffected people.


The date for the trip will be determined at the next general meeting by which time it is hoped RH will have returned from his intelligence gathering trip to France.

The proposal is to meet at The Lighter at Topsham for coffee or beer. Then to take a leisurely walk along the Goatwalk. Next catch a ferry to the Turf Locks for lunch. A short ceremony will take place raising our half empty glasses in a toast to MP without whose selfless efforts we would not get our pensions paid.

There are a few points to discuss. The Sea Dream has stopped running for the winter but the other ferry runs every day until next month. That means a one mile walk to the pub and of course a one mile walk back. The ferry stops one hour before low tide and resumes two hours after. I think the ferry service stops on the 30th.

Here are the tide times. Unfortunateley I am unable to make it on Thursday.


If we find that the ferry has stopped for the winter I have contacted the Taw and Torridge Marine branch who can offer the service shown below for 3 bowls of rice.


Alternatively we could follow the example of what appears to be a like minded group shown in the picture below but I don't want to be the man bringing up the rear wielding his chopper.


Old Gits are reminded that Topsham is a hotbed of conservative activists so please avoid laughing and pointing at the locals as they go about their business. I was once told that even Tories have feelings although I find that hard to believe.

Topsham was once a busy port of some importance. That being so the town would have been largely populated by labouring classes who created the wealth for the traders to build the large houses that we admire today. Now those worthy working class people have been ousted by the wealthy incomers. Biologists will instantly recognise this as an example of a voracious invasive alien species displacing an indigenous population. However the labourers left an important legacy on the town. Without them there surely would not be so many pubs in such a small area.