Topsham & Turf Locks

The Walk

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Re-visit to Topsham and Turf Locks


A cycle ride to Topsham with our Danish colleagues and a raiding party to the Turf Locks provided two very pleasant days out for the boys.With the impending arrival of the Danes again JS suggested combining the two events.

Points for Consideration

The Turf Locks is open again but the ferries are not yet running. For future reference ferries do allow bikes at a small charge.

There is a cycle route along the South side of the estuary. It is 5 miles each way.

We could start at Exeter Quay. There are two little cafes there for the caffeine starter. Alternatively there is a little cafe in Willeys Ave. The owner is a stroppy revolutionary but would be pleased to serve up coffee and teacakes. Another alternative would be to cycle down to the Double Locks and have coffee there. It would give the opportunity to admire the genuine Noton on the ceiling which includes pictures of CTH.

We would pass the Swan's Nest and Toby's and go past several nature reserves.

Have a look at this video of the cycle ride to the turf. It is a bit jumbled up but it does include two stops at pubs which can't be bad. Play it full screen and ignore the silly music.


Link to leaflet showing things to do and see around the estuary.

A leaflet showing Exeter cycle routes.

If we do end up in Topsham - Lets do the Goat Walk again (Anyone you recognise?)

Better quality version to download here - right click on link and "Save link as"