Topsham & Turf Locks

The Walk

Map of the Walk


The Special Boat Squadron of the Old Gits World Tour made a lightning assault on the Turf Locks on Thursday 29th September. They assembled at Topsham outside "The Lighter" and were disappointed to find the pub was not ready for business. A quick dash across the road and they stormed into the Route 2 cafe. After an intake of good coffee they were ready for embarkation although some were more ready for embrocation.

They hurried through the immigration and customs formalities at the checkpoint.



The toilet facilities were basic but adequate for the long crossing.
The duty free shop had various tempting offerings.
The landing craft was hidden in the reeds and a sentry posted.
A brisk yomp of the 1.2 miles soon passed in what seemed like days.
Having achieved our objective a ceremonial drink was had and a toast raised to MP - our sponsor.
Returning to Topsham JS started singing the popular song from the Rock Horror Picture Show - "Lets do the Goat Walk again". It seemed like a good idea so we took a leisurely stroll to look at the acres of mud flat. A trip to Toby's to look at lots of things we couldn't afford rounded off the day.