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Warren House Inn Area

There are three good walks centered around here - possibly four if anyone became fanatical. I will describe three because fanaticism is not nice. Fanaticism is not the same as obsession. Obsession is something pleasant that keeps one busy and thus unable to complete dreary household chores or DiY projects.

All three walks are conveniently close to a pub and just 6½ minutes away from our favourite touring pub.

From Warren House Inn there is a view across the mining area to Grimspound and some of Jan Reynold's playing cards. This is the true story of a miner given to gambling who was taken from Widecombe church by the Devil. His cards fell out of his pocket and landed near the mines and these can still be seen as enclosures. These came in rather handy because they were used for growing vegetables for the miners or furze for the rabbits who lived at the warren. In plucking poor Jan from the church the Devil completely buggered up the church and killed 4 parishioners. More details here.

Walk 1
This walk
doesn't go anywhere near Hergest Ridge. It is actually Hurston Ridge but the name reminds me of a piece of music by Mike Oldfield that I was fond of in my younger days. It visits the stone row overlooking Fernworthy Forest and then tracks back via Kings oven and Caroline Farm. More details will appear if it seems to me that there is a danger we might actually go there.

Walk 2
This walk
is a very pleasant excursion which starts at Bennetts Cross and climbs the moderate slope to Birch Tor. For background information I thought I might do this walk before winter sets in. It actually did set in at 2.17 pm the following afternoon.

Before I did this walk I had a jolly little ramble further down south. Read here to see what vital information I discovered.

The view from Birch Tor towards Warren House Inn. The stone row on the north flank of Challacombe Common.
It is only when close up one can appreciate the huge size of the scars left by mining. One such scar - Chaw Gulley - is reputed to be haunted. Read about it here. Looking down on the main mining complex of Vitifer Mine.

Walk 3
Birch Tor, Vitifer and Golden Dagger Mines,

The third walk looks at the mines at the bottom of the valley. Most of the buildings have long since vanished but a few outlines, wheel pits, and some buddles remain. apparently it was the practice during WW2 to bring unexploded German bombs out here to blow them up. That put paid to many of the buildings.

It is some 40 years since I last came here. The most striking thing I remember was the dramatic entrance to the adit at Golden Dagger. I remember it looked far too scary for us to enter. However I do remember picking up a piece of specular haematite. If you are lucky you might also find a piece. I know you would like to.

Near the remains of the Dry at Golden Dagger there is a well preserved wheel pit. Also nearby are the remains of Dinah's House. It seems that nobody knows who Dinah was. My own belief arrived at by intensively day dreaming whilst gazing out the window, is that she was a friend of Dolly Trebble and fled to the mines to escape the attentions of the dreadful Tyrwhitt and the Prince of Wales.

Maps and other information came be found on our resources pages.

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