West Penwith


West Penwith

A suggested area for a residential trip.

Gentlemen, we all should try to think of somewhere suitable for crazy old gits to ramble around harmlessly beyond the physical reach of our carers. Of course the mental chains will always be with us. Here is my offering.

When I lived at Nancherrow, West Cornwall I used to dream of Devon and Dartmoor. Now I live in Devon I dream of West Penwith. The two areas - apart from the fact that West Penwith is virtually an island - have much in common in that both have a wealth of things that persons with an inquisitive and enquiring mind can explore. Both are rich in archaeological and mining reminders and both are part of the Cornubian Batholith.

My second favourite part of Cornwall is the contiguous hundred of Kerrier followed by the entire North Coast. In the little presentation below I have included two sites in Kerrier.

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