Institution escapees

This man is currently going around disguised as a fat, balding, pensioner. Although considered relatively harmless members of the public are warned not confront him but keep him amused by placing full pints of beer in front of him until help arrives or place him in care of a licenced publican.
The young man pictured on the left is also going around disguised as an older, balding man with a shock of curly grey hair. He can easily be spotted by his unreasonably cheerful disposition and a tendency to become animated if encouraged to talk about skiing holidays or Wigan. Normally kept confined in an institution with some genuine nutters but is known to want to escape. Can on occasions be found furtively drinking snifters with the above desperado. Both men can be kept distracted by mentioning rugby.

More shocking exposes to come. ( I haven't worked out how to do accented characters in html)



(Thanks to MP)